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    SPEAKER 1: How can you ensure that youare employable when you graduate and throughout your workinglife?Let's look at the six elements essentialfor sustained employability.First, managing your application.Be prepared and apply for roles early.Employers aren't interested in generic work applications,applications that can be used for any job

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: at any organization.Take the time to tailor and focus your application.It takes longer, but it could meanthat you have fewer applications to submit in the long run.Qualifications.Of course, qualifications are important.In some cases, the wrong degree or the wrong universitymay prevent you from being shortlisted.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: But for most employers, a high university qualificationis only one factor in graduate employability.Your application should reflect all six elementsof employability.Don't just rely on your university's nameor your degree classification.Continue learning.Continue learning and being able to demonstrate and articulate

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: that learning is essential for future development.Learning may happen by developing competencies,additional study, or continuing professional development.Don't forget to include learning from GAPyears, temporary employment, and employment.Experience.The biggest challenge for your first job

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: is getting the job without a lot of prior experience.There are two important steps that can help.Get relevant experience as early as possibleand demonstrate how those experienceshave built your skills.Your final years of school in your first year at universityare not too early to think about work experienceor voluntary activities.Employers are interested in transferable skills learned

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: from extracurricular activities, like volunteering, joiningclubs and societies, and sports achievements.So be sure to include these.Self-belief.Sustained self-belief is critical in findingthe right career for your future.For many, this may be the most challenging partof employability, especially in competitive job markets.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: Employers say that passion is the deciding factorin choosing a job candidate.So work on your ability to demonstrate and articulatethat passion.You should expect to face barriers to progress.How you overcome these barriers demonstrates your self-beliefand will help an employer recognize your strengthin adversity.You will need resilience to overcome adversity.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: Finally, recognize that if you are to achieve your goals,there may be more than one way to do this,but it might mean your plans need to be adjusted.Interpersonal skills.Of course, employers require good interpersonal skills,especially communication, so you relate wellto others across the organization.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: These are the six key steps to manage your employability.Good luck.

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Learn the personal components and steps that contribute to personal marketability and an effective career application.

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Employability: Elements and Skills for Your Career Development

Learn the personal components and steps that contribute to personal marketability and an effective career application.

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