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Using a Mixed-Methods Approach to Evaluate Undergraduate Performance and Opinion: The Effect of Math Tutorials on Student Math Confidence and Academic Performance

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Education
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As part of my PgCert in Higher Education Practice, I undertook a learning and teaching research project into the effect of small group mathematics tutorials on student confidence and academic performance. I chose this project because it related directly to my practice as a higher education lecturer: I regularly supported first year animal science and animal management students who were struggling with math, although my institution provided math support tutorials.

This case describes how I undertook this project, which methods I chose, and what some of the learning moments for me were. I provide a list of five tips and some useful extra reading to support those who wish to undertake similar projects. During this project, I developed a better appreciation of learning and teaching research methodologies, and I also reflected on the value of understanding research methodology for education practitioners.

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